Many prefer to book their hotel in Cluny on However, book our hotel directly is much better
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  Cheaper, really!

Compare ! Our rooms are REALLY cheaper by booking through our website, by email or telephone. promises savings, guarantees you the best rate, but our hotel is more expensive on their website.

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  Easier cancellation

When booking direct, cancellation is free, with a smile, until 48 hours before arrival. On, you can cancel free of charge only up to 8 days before arrival! When you want to cancel a reservation taken with, do not ask us to cancel your booking, we do not have the right to cancel it.

  Much better advice

Who better than the "inhabitants" of the hotel and Cluny to help you prepare your holiday, advise you the right room for you and care of the details?

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  Instant booking

Book on our site is as fast as on The confirmation is instant and you will not receive their flood of advertising emails.

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  More choice

We have decided that some of our rooms cannot be booked on Here, on our official website, you can book all our available rooms and add more options: breakfast, cot or animals.

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  0% fat claims "No booking fee". They forget to tell you that our hotel have to pay them over 16% commission. Paid with YOUR money, of course (where is ours coming from?).

  Profits are for you!

You already pay for your retirement scheme. Do not pay for other's:'s profits end up in US pension funds. Ours help us to better host you!


With us, no truncated statements, interested recommendations or false truth. No surveillance of your email messages by

  It's better on

Well, it's true, book your hotel in Kabul is easier with But for your hotel in Cluny, you now know the way…

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