Set right in the center of Cluny, within the walls of the medieval city, the Hotel du Commerce is less than three minutes from… everything: the Abbey, the Tourist office, the museum and churches, shops, …

Although the hotel do not have its own anymore, you'll find several restaurants in the neighborhood. Enjoy Cluny!

Map of our hotel in Cluny

Free car park

The Prado car park, three minutes from the hotel, is mostly free. You may, as well, stop a minute in front of the hotel, unload the heavier luggage, then go park the car at the Prado. As Cluny is a human sized city, all is within easy reach by foot.

The main street

The hotel is right on the main street of Cluny. Day time, you"ll enjoy the many typical shops, signs of a vibrant city. By night, when quietness settles down, you'll enjoy a deep sleep thanks to the new double glazing windows. Prefer the courtyard rooms for almost perfect silence.

The Cluny Abbey

Many come to Cluny to discover the Abbey. A few hundred meters away in the main street, at the foot of the Tour des fromages, the Cluny Tourist office will propose you a wide range of activities and visits. The Abbey, mostly dismantled before and after the French revolution, is next to it.

Le Haras National de Cluny et Equivallée

The Haras National & Equivallée

Cluny "breathes" horse! Six minutes away from the hotel are the Haras National of Cluny (National Stud) and Equivallée. Many equestrian events and competitions are held each year. You can also visit the National Stud during a visit.

L'ENSAM, un soit de gala, et l'Abbaye de Cluny

The ENSAM ParisTech

Each one wearing with its own "zagrise" or "biaude" - their customized gray blouses - the students from the "Arts et Métiers" (Arts and Crafts) bring youth Cluny. They will remind you of Harry Potter, if you see them out of the old buildings of the Abbey where the ENSAM ParisTech is hosted. This is very serious, however, as it is one of the most renowned engineering schools in France.